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IntraMuros est un jeu expérimental d'exploration de type "simulateur de marche". Les différents niveaux sont inspirés des oeuvres de ByALM
Explorez librement et appréciez les différentes ambiances. Trouvez les clés et objets cachés pour découvrir des endroits secrets.
Aucun ennemi, aucune menace... juste un voyage paisible à travers d'étranges lieux. 

IntraMuros is an experimental game "walking simulator"-like. All levels are inspired by works of  ByALM.
Walk around and enjoy the ambiences. Find the hidden keys and objects to unlock secret places. 
No enemies, no threats... just a quite journey in some strange places. 
Footage from the last dev build :     https://vimeo.com/178658782

Install instructions

Unzip the file anywhere you want. Click on IntraMuros.exe to play. 
And please, be indulgent for this first project :-) 


IntraMuros 911 MB


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Great work, though could use some polish. I could not find the last flag, and wasn't sure what to do in 'Nocturne' world (beside listen to  recordings). But otherwise I did see the ending.

Quick feedback:

  • Increase movement speeds or make the worlds smaller. It takes far too long to get anywhere.
  • Button to quickly leave a painting world (instead of returning to menu). Allowing player to quickly leave after getting secret piece, or escape if they encounter bug.
  • Add an indicator on the painting (in gallery world) telling player if they've "completed" it (Found all collectibles).
  • Best to model the environment, instead of stretching primitives, so that UVs are good. You could consider using probuilder. Not recommended but the lazy solution is a triplanar shader (uses world coordinates instead of mesh UVs).
  • Binoculars/Zoom button would useful for the large open worlds.
  • English text needs proof reading, and English translations of the French text would be nice.
  • Final boat ride is too slow.
  • ISSUE: In 'Abstract World' player can jump on broken bridge to reach final platform.
  • ISSUE: Performance in grassy areas is extremely poor. Especially in the 'Final World'
  • BUG: Collecting final 'Piet's Wall' piece twice resulting in me have 6/5 piece, preventing me from placing the painting in 'Abstract World'. (Luckly was able to fix by decompiling your code to find out how you were saving, then modifying registry).
  • BUG: Exiting game while in 'Red Corridor', then resuming game spawned me in the core (which I had not unlocked yet). Fortunately could escape by climbing stairs, this also allowed me to collect the secret piece.